Weekend Wrap Up – National Coffee Day!

So this weekend was National Coffee Day (in America) on Sunday, and our Seattle AIDS Walk… Let’s get into all the goodies!

First, let me start with a dinner that my boys and I were invited to by my oldest son’s best friend.  The parents were not aware of my eating adventure until I arrived with my Starbucks in hand, but were very curious and gracious about my addition to their wonderful feast.

The one thing I’ve found that you can count on with my challenges is that they always allow for plenty of conversation, questions and other people’s insight, ideas, loves and dislikes about the brands I’m living!  And the evenings pleasant discussion taught me about the mom’s love for Starbucks hot cocoa which I’ve only purchased at the store and her choice to purchase it at Costco (another fabulous PNW brand!) for cost-saving reasons which I always need to be aware of this year.  So I think my next Costco trip means my searching for this prize as well!

I read the container and was pleasantly surprised to find Starbucks sources their cocoa in an ethical, transparent & sustainable way!  Since I run communications for a Sustainability department and am always very interested in all things moving towards sustainability… this was a great sign to see posted on their product!

The evening was thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to sharing more Starbucks stories with our new friends!

Saturday was a blustery, wet day in Seattle… and the Seattle AIDS Walk.  I went to shoot the walk and had a great time (even in the rain) supporting our wonderful local nonprofit Lifelong AIDS Alliance and International plight to find a cure for AIDS.  And of course Starbucks was out with their #ExtraShotOfGood for all those Seattleites braving the cold, wet and windy to support this wonderful cause…. Thanks Partners for keeping us going!  #ToBeACustomer is amazing when you have #ToBeAPartner (s) out there making it happen everyday!

Starbucks AIDS Walk

Of course, being up in Volunteer Park I had to stop by Roy Street Coffee for lunch, and was welcomed by a very comforting (and PERFECT for a cold, rainy Seattle day) advertisement for Apple Cider!

So after speaking to the partners about the freshly-made cinnamon whipped cream I had to try it!  And let me tell you this fall drink choice is AMAZING!

I also chose to order their fabulous smoked salmon plate…

And for dinner I decided to take Roy Street’s wonderful tomato soup home since staying warm right now in Seattle is highly advised.

Sunday was National Coffee Day, and Starbucks was giving out FREE Ethiopian samples, so of course I had to try a sample after my morning run!

It was such a great sample that I got the clover of it!

I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend and National Coffee Day sipping their favorites whether it be clover, latte, Americano or straight up brewed!

This is how I ended my evening…

A LaBoulange chocolate croissant, Ethiopian from the clover, my fuzzy faux fur throws, another Scarecrow Video Film Noir choice and everything charged in preparation for the first windstorms of the season!

Weekend Wrap Up – Pride

This weekend started an entire week (or summer) of HOT weather in Seattle and it was perfect timing for Seattle’s PrideFest!

Saturday we opted for a local festival so we could lay low in anticipation for the events happening all day Sunday, here is what happened…

First of all, my oldest and I had to stop and grab breakfast before all the Seattle PrideFest began and we ran into Colin, who was all ready at his Starbucks store rockin the awesome rainbow tie and suspenders!

#ToBeAPartner inspires me everyday because of partners like Colin!

To Be a Partner Colin Pride

Then it was time for pre-Parade set up and photos for the Lifelong Aids Alliance, my home away from home and seriously the best group of people you could EVER volunteer with!

Lifelong rainbow

What a blast it was to photograph the making of a Pride float with all the Lifelong volunteers!  By far my favorite Seattle PrideFest year!

Aids ribbon Pride

We started walking and immediately came upon the Starbucks Pride Alliance Partner Network which filled the streets there were so many partners representing today!  Again… these partners amaze me with their Pride in their company, each other and supporting equality for all.  Thanks Starbucks Pride Alliance Partner Network for filling our streets with LOVE!

Partner Pride

Then after a long walk all the way up the Pride parade route to the Seattle Center… we had to get our Starbucks refreshers to beat the 90+ degree heat.

Starbucks Refresher PRIDE!

Starbucks Pride Refreshers

Then, after a nice COOL bus ride (thanks Sound Transit for AC!) it was time for a break then onto the next relaxing event… a family outdoor movie in the shade of our favorite Eastside garden.  Of course I HAD to bring my Starbucks popcorn to the party!

Starbucks outdoor movie night

Today also marks the first day of July, and my monthly challenge to COUNT ALL MY CALORIES in honor of Starbucks launching their new calorie menus.  Which means, a lot of water… no extra latte’s or frappuccinos for me, Boo.  BUT, it also means a new bikini after I’m done… YEAH!

Also, I added up my June Starbucks costs which total $565.70 and are still running the 500-600 dollars a month that every month has been.

June Starbucks Totals

I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend no matter what you ended up doing.  And for those in the PNW that have days of these high temps still on the radar… Starbucks refreshers are a great way to cool it down (and they come in Pride colors)!

Dining Out with Starbucks

Yesterday was the nationwide event, Dining Out For Life (#DOFL) and I was the Tweet-caster for the Seattle benefactor, Lifelong Aids Alliance (LLAA).

I LOVE LLAA!  I help run their thrift store’s Facebook page and just adore everybody I ever meet through that organization, staff, customer, client or other.  And to talk about the work LLAA does in our community… I could go on an on!

So my “job” for all of yesterday was to man the twitter feed and to visit the DOFL representatives, participating restaurants and chat with customers, get food shots and send out all the awesome news via the Twitter-svere… but before I went to as many participating restaurants as I could in a 12 hour period, I had to stop and get a double-shot of my Starbucks because even in the morning I knew I was in for a long day!

double-shot Starbucks before DOFL

I got busy at lunchtime getting the shots in the streets of one of Seattle’s finest spring days we have had all year!  I also got some help from two amazing local celebrities… Darnell Sue from Girl Power Hour, thanks for rockin the tweets on our behalf!  AND our amazing local DJ Richard J Dalton from C89.5… I had NO IDEA you put the DOFL as your #NoonWorkout yesterday (I was hitting the streets hard, no time for music… sorry) but I OWE YOU for spreading the word.  I saw tweets last night thanking you for reminding our Seattlites about DOFL, Richard YOU ROCK!

I'm Tweeting This

There were so many wonderful places to visit!  I only could manage to get to about 9 of them for lunch, here are a couple…


 DOFL Blue Moon Burgers

In-between I had to stop and get some Evolution Fresh to pick me up and luckily Roy Street Coffee was right near by!  I grabbed a refreshing Pineapple Coconut water and away I went again…

Roy Street Coffee rest

I took a rest after the lunch rush, had the rest of my Evolution Fresh Kevin’s Quinoa dish and a Smooth Green then headed back out for dinner…

DOFL 8oz

Everyplace I went during the dinner rush was absolutely PACKED!  I barely could get into the establishment without stepping on toes, and there was at least an hour wait and lines around the block at a couple of places!

Fogon DOFL

The night was charged with the electricity of participants, the beauty and warmth of a Seattle spring evening, the smells of the food and the conversations about helping a local nonprofit that not only I love, but many other Seattlites too, LLAA!

Starbucks Evening after DOFL

Now I have to tell you that after visiting all these wonderful local restaurants, engaging in the twitter-svere of awesome foodie goodness going on around the country, smelling and hearing people go on and on about the TASTE of their food that my mouth was definitely salivating a couple of times!

But… I’m a pretty dedicated person and I did indeed stick to my beloved Starbucks, and even went by the Starbucks Evening at Olive Way to unwind after my long day shooting and tweeting for Dining Out For Life.  Next Tweet-caster assignment I take on though will NOT be around food, THAT I can assure you of!