Friday Follow Up – Grateful for Photo Media

This week was the opening of the new Teavana store in University Village and boy am I happy about this newest addition!  Not only is it lovely tea that just smells incredible when you step into the room… but, Starbucks expanded my menu yet again with this stores opening!

I first of all had to try the Butternut Squash salad (add bacon) because, um BACON!!!!  I haven’t had bacon bits all year?!  I wanted to order a bowl of just bacon alone… but I refrained because the store wouldn’t have anymore for anybody else!


And with a case FULL of new goodies like this, you know I had to grab me a couple of those Lemongrass Ginger Chicken Rice Balls as well!

I know, I know… so many new food choices (yet again!) from Starbucks.  I could dwell on Teavana’s opening all day but this is THANKSgiving month so…

For this month of gratitude, and since photography has always been my thing, I cannot go this month without giving praise to the two major photo social media sites I live on… Pinterest and Instagram.

I’m a photojournalist at heart!  I adore the ability to tell a story with one great image, a hashtag or two and let it live in the world through social media.  Both my accounts have many of the Starbucks stores, partners or customers on them including all those that I’ve regularly spoken to and am very grateful for during this challenge year…










And over on Pinterest I created Starbucks and Evolution Fresh boards that I’ve invited many Pinners to populate so feel free to check it out and add/repins from the collections.

I adore and utilize these sites so much that next years challenge will be REALLY be focused off of these two platforms.  Since a large part of next years challenge entails tracking my years challenge & brand in many, many areas of Washington state, the PNW and the world… so showcasing all of that means TONS of photos!

For all my current followers, thank you so much for all you’ve brought to this years challenge… Your lives through your photos have been educational, informative, funny and down right inspirational!  I hope you all will enjoy the beauty of our wonderful Mother Earth with me in 2014… and maybe tag me in some Starbucks selfies of you now and then just for old times sake!

In the Drink

In the “drink” of creativity around Starbucks on the Internet, there are endless options to be able to Make It Yours that I have found.

Here are a couple Make It Yours drinks that I’ve been creating this week and others I have found all over the Internet…

Tazo Passion and Evolution Fresh

Tazo Shaken Iced Passion Tea– unsweetened mixed with Evolution Fresh Pineapple Coconut Water = A light and refreshing version of Tropical Punch!

Tazo Green Tea Frapp

I’ve really been into Tazo Tea lately (I really need another store visit SOON!) and have been enjoying fusing their offerings into other Starbucks products like this Tazo Tea decaf chai latte that I mixed into my Green Tea Frappuccino yesterday = #MyTEAFine #sipface!

Green Tea Frapp

After adding more “invites” to my Starbucks Pinterest page I came across this lovely looking drink made from Starbucks VIA Cool Lime Refresher

Pinterest Via Mojito

Over on Instagram I’m trying to keep up with all the Frappuccino creations spilling over (pun intended) from the huge #sipface campaign…

Starbucks Instagram Capt Crunch Frapp

And for still more inspiration… check out the official Starbucks Flickr group!  There are so many Starbucks images there that my Pinterest account is about to explode!

Starbucks Flickr group

 Have a GREAT WEEKEND everybody!

I hope you get to Make It Yours this weekend, you can find inspiration all over the Internet!

Mix n Match

I started reaching out to partners and Starbucks customers last week when I started my Make It Yours May focus and I’ve been getting GREAT response so far!  It seems when it comes to making new creations with food, everybody’s game for some mix n match!

This week I started off the conversations with an online friend via Instagram, TheDoctor31 (aka Sergio) because well, he LOVES Starbucks too…

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 6.25.55 AM

and he had a beautiful photo of a favorite store of ours… Starbucks Store that I just have to share I love it so much!

Sergio's Starbucks photo

I might make a whole month on just Starbucks Art!  I’m really getting into the creativity that’s captured through the Mermaid’s eye(s) in the world!

Art isn’t the only thing going on in the Starbucks Tweet-iverse, I also commented on a Twitter feed from @LaxFittie13 this week…

Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 6.09.41 AM

because she posted this mouth-watering Tweet about her Tazo Passion Tea over homemade lemonade ice cubes… a brilliant Make It Yours creation!Screen shot 2013-05-10 at 6.09.23 AM

I had been viewing the Tazo Tea feeds a lot more this week because of The Washington Apple Frappuccino I made earlier with Tazo Tea’s Baked Cinnamon Apple tea, which got me thinking… what kind of blends can I do with an Evolution Fresh smoothie and a Starbucks Frappuccino to enhance my #sipface even more????

So I went through the menus’… and put together what I think might be another true first in the world of Make It Yours Starbucks Frappuccinos

First I went to the Bellevue Square Evolution Fresh and picked up my Smooth Carrot, then walked next door to the Bellevue Starbucks

Evolution Fresh Smooth Carrot

Then I asked the partners for a big favor to blend 1/4 of my Smooth Carrot into a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino (add two pumps of Cinnamon Dolce syrup)… the result?

The Carrot Cake Frappuccino!

The Carrot Cake Frappuccino

I’m telling you this sucker is GOOD!  I really wanted to put Oatmeal cookies crumbled on the top but the store didn’t have any, but the next time I try this I’m getting the Starbucks Outrageous Oatmeal cookie because I think it’s the cherry on the top of this creation for sure!

My oldest has had many Frappuccinos and when I let him taste this his first words were “Your NOT getting this back!“… that’s some serious #sipface cred from your teenage target market Starbucks!  Oh, and I’ve been talking about this creation on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and FB since I posted it 24 hours ago….

I’m telling you,  you gotta try it!

Weekend Wrap Up May 6th

Boy, oh boy… do I have a LOT to share from this weekend!

First, on Friday I released my first year’s video (taken by my filmmaker friends, thanks!) for “The Beautiful Blueberry Frappuccino” which also happens to be The LONGEST Starbucks drink order in the world!  I launched this drink in honor of Starbucks Frappuccino Happy Hour which started on Friday as well!  #sipface

The Beautiful Blueberry Frappuccino ss

After a long day Friday we decided to go with our cousins and aunt & uncle to see Ironman 3 and guess what?  They had Starbucks at the theatre!  I enjoyed my second Frappuccino that day while watching the movie… it was a good thing I was so busy all day that I could afford the extra calories!

Starbucks at the theatre

Then on Saturday we enjoyed the sunny, Seattle weather and went to the opening of boating day & of course we brought Starbucks Cake Pops and #sipface to the event!

Cake pops and frapps

After an afternoon in the sun we went to a friends Birthday BBQ pot-luck and what did we bring?  Starbucks Cake pops for everybody!  They were the hit and looked FABULOUS next to all the beautiful flowers, birthday presents and colorful cards!  They were a BIG HIT with the guests and everybody had to grab one to try as soon as I could get the picture taken… always a good sign!

Adrienne's Cake Pops

Then on Sunday it was Cinco de May0!  Or as Starbucks put it… Feliz Frappuccino! (quite brilliant marketing slogan by the way!)  So in honor I did two things…

First I decorated my coffee of the morning…

Starbucks Cinco de Mayo

Then I ordered what might be a go-to drink for me this summer, a Cool Lime Refresher but blended!  OMG… I loved it so much and was it a perfect, sort-of Cinco de Mayo drink.  I actually had twitter conversations with people after I posted it on Instagram and will be trying another variation to showcase for “Make It Yours May”.

Cool Lime Refresher blended

We spent the day down at the farm and all enjoyed the quiet, relaxed & sunny afternoon at the river having a Starbucks lunch and climbing on tractors, playing fetch with our dog and riding on the quads!

Starbucks lunch at the creek

On the way back up to Seattle I had a free Gold Card meal so we stopped at what is becoming our south Puget Sound go-to Starbucks drive-through in Dupont and I grabbed a second (yes, I totally went there) Cool Lime Refresher blended and a new Hearty Veggie & brown rice salad bowl.

Dupont Starbucks

The salad bowl was filling and delicious!  It reminded me of the Kevin’s Quinoa Bowl at Evolution Fresh… I am starting to see a merging of the two stores in their new foods which is not a bad thing since Evolution Fresh is such a wonderful & natural choice and the bowl was a wonderful end to our busy weekend!

Starbucks Hearty Veggie bowl

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend too… lots of recipes coming in from partners, customers and next weekend is Mother’s Day!  Another week, another Starbucks!

Weekend Wrap Up – St. Patrick’s Day Edition

This weekend was full of lots of great Starbucks memories, new friends and saving money!!

To begin with I had a group of ladies meet up at the Starbucks Evenings Olive Way store on Friday, including the wonderful Starbucks Melody!

Starbucks Melody and Me

We were having such a great time that we ended up meeting a new friend, Dr. Riki Thompson who I did a Starbucks Style Saturday post on!

Starbucks Style Saturday Dr. Riki Thompson-3

Then on Saturday I had another reward (the Gold Card reward tricks are working!) so I went to go get my FREE Protein Bistro Box!

Starbucks Rewards St. Patty's DayThen Sunday was St. Patrick’s Day so I took some fun photos for the holiday and posted them to the social media feeds… (Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, Twitter and Vine)

St. Patty's Day Starbucks Reusable Cup

I also received a number of coupons on Friday night from one of my marketing group ladies AND two free drink coupons from the staff at the Olive Way location (for my menu items coming out late) so I’ve been super saving all weekend long!  I saved over $7 in one trip!!!

Starbucks Savings

This week is another great week with some BIG STUFF coming up including: a redesign of the blog, the Starbucks Partners event and one of the BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENTS…

my launch onto an international web site on April 1st!! *Stay Tuned!*