Friday Follow Up – Late edition

Like that title?  Ha-ha… yep, my Friday Follow-Up is 24 hours late, I guess the unwind of no college classes and the end of summer laziness has just finally set in with me.  So here is my follow-up since last weekend at the farm which by now you know is gonna be FULL of Starbucks!  (I sense a pattern going on here?!)

We stopped by Seattle’s Best Coffee to pick up goodies for our train trip to the farm…

Bubs with Seattles Best Coffee at train station

Have you checked out SBC lately???  I mean that little drive thru in south Seattle is just the BEST (thanks to awesomesauce partners like Valerie!) but come on… even their website is SUPER CUTE!

Check out these awesome animations on their home screen… LOVE THEM!  They are so my colorful, fun-loving style for sure!  Great job corporate!

And yes… those SBC drinks are all super YUMMY too!

Seattle's Best Coffee screen shot

From SBC to a typical  breakfast on the farm for me.  Yum!  I LOVE that Starbucks blueberry oatmeal with some Evolution Fresh OJ and the new one to the bunch this week was the Tazo sweet cinnamon spice tea, which is lovely!

Farm Starbucks breakfast

On the way back from the farm I stopped in my little paradise town on earth… Steilacoom and enjoyed my treat-receipt frappuccino down on the beach with my youngest…

South Puget Sound Sipface

This week I’ve been experimenting with different juice and tea combos… usually from my local PCC Market because they have SO MANY varieties of both you can combine a million different summer, iced drinks!

Evolution Fresh and Tazo tea combo

You can pick up so many varieties at PCC (if you’re in the Seattle area)… just look at all these combinations!

Evolution Fresh at PCC

Tazo tea at PCC

And I’ve been experimenting with different custom dinners like this brie, crusted chicken pretzel sandwich that I made from Starbucks Evenings menu options and Bistro box packs.  I made this sandwich back in spring too and it was SO GOOD I decided I’ll be making it a couple of more times this year!

Starbucks Pretzel sandwich

This week I received my first FREE Starbucks drink at a drive thru because they had made an extra and the partners offered it to me!  It was a mocha, cookie-crumble frappuccino and boy was it good!  I’ve read a lot on the social media feeds this year about partners offering free items to customers if they are extras, I have even read about partners offering free bistro boxes or food if they are just going to throw it out?!  I guess if you are a regular and are nice to your partners, they too might think of you for many of these times.  But I haven’t experienced it this year until now.  I get the feeling that it’s more like a “right place at the right time” kind of deal, so as far as free or reduced Starbucks items I of course ALWAYS encourage signing up and using your Gold Card from Starbucks because they will keep you in the loop of wonderful, free, reduced things coming up all the time!  But I still encourage customers to be extra nice to your partners regardless (because it’s a good thing to do… not because they will give you things).

I wouldn’t normally order such a sweet drink, the regular caramel frappuccinos that were recommended to me from a Starbucks fan I’m seriously in LOVE with but they are about as sweet as I can handle.  But it was incredibly nice of the partners to offer it to me and I appreciated the different drink option that I might not normally order!

Free frappuccino sipface

And of course, if you watch any of my feeds… there is always lots of FUN in my life going on like my new oral fixation of siren-tooth picks!

Starbucks siren toothpick

Lots of great happenings are coming up once again this weekend and next week, so stay tuned!  Hopefully Winter and I can hang out again!

My Living the Goodwill Life challenge has been coming back into play with the resurgence of thrift shops into cultural norm (thanks Macklemore!) and I’m loving that… and always more Starbucks, and probably now Teavana finally!

It certainly is feeling like the end of summer to me…. everybody ready for cool fall evenings with hot Tazo/Teavana tea like me???

Here is a recent shot off the Mercer Island Park On The Lid with the Seattle skyline in the background… of course, the #EarlGreySkies needed some great Tazo earl grey tea to match!

Tazo Earl Grey Tea

Have a great week everybody!

Weekend Wrap Up May 13

This weekend we enjoyed a nice leisurely Mothers Day weekend down at the farm…

First on Friday we decided to visit the Seattle waterfront before taking a train ride south.

sipface at Seattle waterfront

Then we brought our Starbucks dinner onboard the train… what a beautiful ride it was along the Puget Sound!

Train ride with Starbucks

Then on Saturday with the nice weather staying for awhile we pulled out the 68′ convertible bug and enjoyed the sunshine!  We all enjoyed another Frappuccino Happy Hour at the newly remodeled Chehalis, WA store…

68 convertible bug

Sunday was a traditional pancake breakfast at the Grange Hall, and yes I brought my own Starbucks Spinach and Feta breakfast wrap but boy did those swedish pancakes look good!

We also exchanged Mother’s Day presents…

Mother's Day presents

Later on Sunday we hung out at the farm’s creek and started a nice bonfire, and while the boys roasted hotdogs… mommy enjoyed her Starbucks Zesty Chicken & Black Bean salad bowl.

bonfire at farm

We hope that everybody enjoyed Mother’s Day weekend and remember… Frappuccino Happy Hour might be over but we have a whole month to Make It Yours so keep those creations coming in!

Weekend Wrap Up – Easter edition

Welcome Spring flowers!

When I say that Washington state is like PARADISE when it’s sunny here… I’m not kidding!  This weekend was absolutely wonderful spending time with family and outside in nature for us.  The daffodils were out, the new calves were frolicking around the fields with their momma cow’s, we spent a lot of time walking around the fields and by the river banks and just enjoying the slower paced reflections on what is important in life!

Beautiful Spring 2013_

Of course, with the gathering of family I had to try out a traditional family dish… deviled eggs, but this time they were made from Starbucksinspired ingredients!

I started out with a 5 containers of hard-boiled eggs I picked up from Evolution Fresh, then took the mayo and mustard from a Turkey & Swiss sandwich in the Starbucks deli case, and then added a bit of Greek yogurt with honey (and a dash of NON-Starbucks paprika) and VOILA!  Deviled eggs Starbucks style!

Starbucks deviled eggs

And the finished product, YUM!

Starbucks deviled eggs finished product

Another Starbucks product I brought down for the family that I purchased from Tazo Tea was the Biscottea Gift pack that was FULL of all their delicious flavors of shortbreads!  We tried EARL GREY, CHAI, BLUEBERRY, MINT, ROOIBOS and TRADITIONAL TEA TIME and they were all eaten up quickly after dinner by the coffee and tea drinkers!  I also found out this weekend that the individual packets are nice to keep in your purse or car for those times when you need a little snack to tide you over!  I will definitely be picking up this gift pack again for other future gatherings and dinner parties!

Biscottea sample pack

So besides the gathering around food this weekend… we enjoyed all the farm had to offer and that means there are usually lots of new baby cows (calves) frolicking in fields…

Spring Calf

And of course Nana puts out all her bird feeders!  Our family farm has an eagle that nests at the riverfront that I tried to find but couldn’t but there were plenty of other bird varieties such as hummingbirds, robins, sparrows and a bunch of bluejays which are always lovely to see fly around!

Nana's bird feeders

This is one part of the river property… there is also a creek that we all enjoy with bonfires, canoeing and fishing when the sun’s out!

Chehalis River Spring 2013

Papa even pulled out the 1928 Galion road grader to re-grade the driveway and the boys got a ride (and lesson on how hard it was to do things 100 years ago!)

Boys on Galion grader

All in all it was an AMAZING WEEKEND full of sunshine spent outside on the family farm in nature… the PERFECT way to start a month focused on the Earth!

Boys and Beautiful Spring 2013

So don’t forget… today starts my April’s month focus of being good stewards of our Earth (in honor of Earth Day and International Mother Earth Day on April 22nd AND to coincide with the Starbucks Month of Service)!  Go over to my site to find out more about my challenge to YOU and add your own version of what it means to be Eco, Green, Environmental to win a fabulous Starbucks prize!

Nature and Nurture

Today we leave for the extended holiday weekend to visit family on the farm.

I LOVE visiting my family’s farm and so do my boys… a slower pace, our family around, being close to nature and the marvels of her beauty, farm life is a blessing unlike any other!

The Farm

Speaking of nature… when we come back it will be April 1st (no, I don’t do any April Fool’s pranks sorry) but no foolin… starting April 1st I will be asking the WORLD to participate in a month-long focus on the environment, our eco footprints and our service to humanity and our earth in honor of two special events: Earth Day AND International Mother Earth Day on April 22nd and Starbucks “Global Month of Service” happening all April long.

1 Year Of My Life Earth Day Challengera

My challenge is hosted on the International website and comes with a GREAT Starbucks gift to the winner!  So go check out this weekend, sign up and start thinking about how YOU can help make a positive impact during the month of April with your service to humanity and/or our earth.

The challenge is easy… just sign up on and submit your image, song, audio recording, video, poem WHATEVER you think depicts being Green, Eco, Environmental or basically a steward of the earth and the winner will be posted on April 22nd.

1 Year Of My Life Earth Day Challengera Prize

I will also be posting images of my month-long challenge on during this time… what’s my challenge?  To save ALL of my containers from all the items I purchase in April to see just how much waste is created and how much can be recycled!  I will be adding to this eco-footprint collection the secondary challenge to try and LIMIT my packaging as much as possible for the whole month! logo

So follow along on or their Facebook page to see how my monthly eco-footprint totals are going and add your idea of what being Eco is to the challenge!

Starbucks Global Month of Service

Have a wonderful weekend celebrating your special events everybody!

Let’s paint the entire month of April Starbucks GREEN!

Movie night

Last night I was tending to a couple of colds in our family so we decided to make it a movie night on Netflix  by seeing The Lorax and having some… what else? Starbucks butter popcorn!

Starbucks popcorn and The Lorax

The bag is only 150 calories and is nice and buttery, just like movie popcorn!  Movie butter popcorn stats

But even with 240mg of sodium, one bag of Starbucks popcorn has much less sodium than the average small bag of movie popcorn coming in at a whopping 550mg! *center for science in the public interest*

We have been laying low this week making sure the kids get better so that we can take our first The Country Lifetrip this weekend to Nana & Papa’s farm.  Taking a trip to the farm wouldn’t normally be an issue except now because of mommy’s challenge it makes me a bit nervous because the fact is that Nana & Papa’s farm is at least 20 minutes from any Starbucks!  I will be posting all about the trip, what I packed and if we needed to make any trips to the local Starbucks?!

My family is also interested in what items Evolution Fresh offers compared to the juices they stock in the local Starbucks store so I’m going to bring samples to have them test out and report back on with this weekend’s wrap up.