Weekend Wrap Up – National Coffee Day!

So this weekend was National Coffee Day (in America) on Sunday, and our Seattle AIDS Walk… Let’s get into all the goodies!

First, let me start with a dinner that my boys and I were invited to by my oldest son’s best friend.  The parents were not aware of my eating adventure until I arrived with my Starbucks in hand, but were very curious and gracious about my addition to their wonderful feast.

The one thing I’ve found that you can count on with my challenges is that they always allow for plenty of conversation, questions and other people’s insight, ideas, loves and dislikes about the brands I’m living!  And the evenings pleasant discussion taught me about the mom’s love for Starbucks hot cocoa which I’ve only purchased at the store and her choice to purchase it at Costco (another fabulous PNW brand!) for cost-saving reasons which I always need to be aware of this year.  So I think my next Costco trip means my searching for this prize as well!

I read the container and was pleasantly surprised to find Starbucks sources their cocoa in an ethical, transparent & sustainable way!  Since I run communications for a Sustainability department and am always very interested in all things moving towards sustainability… this was a great sign to see posted on their product!

The evening was thoroughly enjoyable and I look forward to sharing more Starbucks stories with our new friends!

Saturday was a blustery, wet day in Seattle… and the Seattle AIDS Walk.  I went to shoot the walk and had a great time (even in the rain) supporting our wonderful local nonprofit Lifelong AIDS Alliance and International plight to find a cure for AIDS.  And of course Starbucks was out with their #ExtraShotOfGood for all those Seattleites braving the cold, wet and windy to support this wonderful cause…. Thanks Partners for keeping us going!  #ToBeACustomer is amazing when you have #ToBeAPartner (s) out there making it happen everyday!

Starbucks AIDS Walk

Of course, being up in Volunteer Park I had to stop by Roy Street Coffee for lunch, and was welcomed by a very comforting (and PERFECT for a cold, rainy Seattle day) advertisement for Apple Cider!

So after speaking to the partners about the freshly-made cinnamon whipped cream I had to try it!  And let me tell you this fall drink choice is AMAZING!

I also chose to order their fabulous smoked salmon plate…

And for dinner I decided to take Roy Street’s wonderful tomato soup home since staying warm right now in Seattle is highly advised.

Sunday was National Coffee Day, and Starbucks was giving out FREE Ethiopian samples, so of course I had to try a sample after my morning run!

It was such a great sample that I got the clover of it!

I hope everybody enjoyed their weekend and National Coffee Day sipping their favorites whether it be clover, latte, Americano or straight up brewed!

This is how I ended my evening…

A LaBoulange chocolate croissant, Ethiopian from the clover, my fuzzy faux fur throws, another Scarecrow Video Film Noir choice and everything charged in preparation for the first windstorms of the season!

How Much Can You Help?

Today is the last day of Starbucks Global Month of Service… a call to participate in your communities for good, hashtag #extrashotofgood.

I did a double #extrashotofgood this month, one at the Issaquah Food Bank

Starbucks Partners at Issaquah Food Bank

And the second at the Bellevue 10k/5k this last weekend…

Lena and Cristal from Evolution Fresh

Also, today is the last day of me collecting ALL of my Starbucks packaging for this month in an attempt to reduce my waist AND show what you can recycle!  So here is my visual results of ALL my packaging for April…

April Starbucks Packaging Totals

Not that much huh?!  I tried to reduce my packaging this month by doing a couple of things…

1.  I took advantage of using my own reusable packages at Evolution Fresh

Whole Foods To Go box

2.  I cut down even more by ordering from a Starbucks Evenings and had them serve my order on plates… only to take the rest of my food to go in a reusable container too!

Starbucks Evening Blue Brie Cheese plate

3.  I also cut out buying some staple items like the Evolution Fresh hard-boiled eggs, or the Starbucks Dry Roasted Almonds just so that I could cut down my packaging that I found wasn’t as easy to recycle!

Tomorrow is a new month, and a new focus that I’m super excited to share with you!  So check back in and I hope you all had a wonderful April FULL of Earth-goodness serving, recycling, reducing & helping!

Weekend Wrap Up April 28th

We are almost done with the end of April, and my challenge for Earth Day and also the Starbucks “Global Month of Service”Twitter hashtag #extrashotofgood.

Last Friday was a lazy, sunny, spring day for my family after a much-needed rest from a FULL DAY Tweet-casting the Dining Out For Life event on Thursday… so  we all decided to have a Starbucks picnic!

Starbucks picnic

Epic fun at playground

On Saturday I had the pleasure of posting another Starbucks Style Saturday with two amazing people I met at University Village, Taylor from Hotsy Totsy and the extraordinary dancer and performer, Peter Flahiff!

Starbucks Style Saturday April 27

Then on Sunday my oldest son and I volunteered for my double #extrashotofgood at the Bellevue 5/10k with the Evolution Fresh and Starbucks Bellevue partners.  What fun we had handing out water to runners and cheering them on!  This little guy has to take the prize for youngest and CUTEST #extrashotofgood handing out water to a runner!

Littlest Partner

Then it was back to the main stage to help hand out the super-refreshing Evolution Fresh Pineapple Coconut Water (the same water I hydrated with half-way through my event on Thursday!)

Lena and Cristal from Evolution Fresh

After the event I had to grab a cup of hot Starbucks Pike Place Roast for myself to beat the morning chill!

Hot Starbucks coffee in the morn

Watch for my end of the month update on all the packaging I’ve saved and how much of it is recyclable!  Oh, and I’m working on a surprise to go along with my month-long focus of “Make It Yours May”… I hope to have that SIFF-filmmaker-inspiration up SOON!

Have a great week everybody!

Starbucks #ExtraShotOfGood

Last week while I was in my local Issaquah Lake Sammamish Starbucks store I came across this flyer…

Issaquah Food Bank Starbucks event

And since I’m a HUGE ADVOCATE for volunteering in your community… I called the store manager and got signed up to participate in the Starbucks Global Month of Service project with the Issaquah Food Bank.  That same evening I stopped into the Issaquah Starbucks Evening store on Gilman and spoke to another partner, Andrea, about their staff’s involvement in the same community project.  I knew this was going to be a great experience to participate in my own community but also to personally meet many of the partners in the area!

We all had a great time helping out the Issaquah Food Bank!  Look at this great group of Starbucks Partners!

Starbucks Partners at Issaquah Food Bank

In this great group of volunteers I met, Sandya (pictured in pink), a local Issaquah resident who found out about volunteering today after watching one of the Starbucks ads after The Voice and logged onto the Starbucks Community Network to give her #extrashotofgood too!

Sandya volunteer at Issaquah Food Bank

I loved hearing about Sandy’s journey to the food bank, moving here only two years ago and feeling a need to connect with community through giving her time.  This is what I love to see, just how easy it is to get connected, go meet a bunch of new people while giving back to your community!  Thanks Sandya!  Your passion to serve is what helps make our world so wonderful!

Weekend Wrap Up April 15th

Today we are officially half way through April’s challenge to cut down my Starbucks packaging in honor of Earth Day.  So let’s get into the weekend’s review and where I am in my environmental (and community serving) focus for April!

First on Friday I started planning ways to contribute to my local community for Starbucks Global Month of Service.  I was sent this email a week ago announcing the website where you could look for projects and sign up to get involved.  This email is great because I already volunteer quite a bit running social media for local nonprofits but I am a HUGE advocate for serving your communities so I just had to find somewhere to help out!

Starbucks email Month of Service

I’ve found some great projects in my area and plan to help two or three teams out in the following weeks to help add that #extrashotofgood to our world!  If you would like to find a place to help out in your area you can visit their website too at: Starbucks Global Month of Service.

Later that evening I stopped by my Issaquah Starbucks for a dinner at Starbucks Evening.  I just LOVE their Blue Brie Cheese Plate!  I also had the pleasure of meeting Starbucks Partner Andrea who loves Thrifting, Social Media and Starbucks just like me!

Starbucks Evening Blue Brie Cheese plate

Next on Saturday night I enjoyed a wonderful Starbucks Evening with friends at Roy Street Coffee.  It was great catching up and of course enjoying some of Roy Street Coffee’s wonderful offerings such as the Beecher’s Cheese and Salumi plate!

Adrienne and I at Roy Street Coffee

Later that night I had to stop by our local QFC and pick up some more Evolution Fresh OJ because well… after an evening out with friends this juice replenishes and refreshes you immediately!

Evolution Fresh juice at night

Sunday I set out to tally up all the Starbucks packaging I’ve accumulated so far and to point out just how much of it is recyclable or not.

This is what all my packaging looks like 1/2 way through this month… as you can see most of it is recyclable, especially if you live in an urban area like Seattle.  For more information about plastics HERE is a great post about the plastic breakdown from The Daily Green.

Starbucks April 15th packaging breakdown

As you can see most of these packages will be recyclable and I will be putting in recycling bins at the end of April.  After rearranging the packaging I’m still at less than one grocery bag full!

April 15th Starbucks packaging in grocery bag

This week is going to be more environmental ideas for your Starbucks packaging as we lead up to Earth Day on April 22nd!

Don’t forget my environmental challenge over at Challengera.com and get your submissions in by this weekend to win that great Starbucks prize!

1 Year Of My Life Earth Day Challengera Prize