End of Month – One Month To Go!

So it is the beginning of December which means a couple of things…

How much I spent in November, which was…


AND, more importantly.  I ONLY HAVE ONE MONTH LEFT TO GO?!!!

Do you know HOW HARD it is to eat & drink ONLY Starbucks for an entire year?  It was easy, easy, EASY until lately.

Call it short-timers syndrome, call it being distracted (especially with the holiday meals) but this Bistro Box was my Thanksgiving dinner and yes, I’m getting ANTSY to engage in other types of foods/drinks in the world again!  I mean think about it… I didn’t do this for a mere 30 days?!  No, that would be SUPER SIZED EASY!  Nope, I have done this now for almost 365 days!

And I want a HAMBURGER!

But, even in the midst of my final countdown, in the midst of all the tempting holiday treats and meals that everybody in the world is practically enjoying except for me right now, this entire time I’ve stayed true to my goal… and now I only have 1 month left to go!!!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been secretly planning a HUGE smorgasbord of my Seattle (and PNW) favorites come stroke of midnight December 31st!  Naughty or nice has nothing on my list.

Simply stated… I. WANT. IT. ALL!

Besides…. I’ll be able to work it off (and MORE) immediately afterwards with my 2014 challenge!  So I’m not worried about overeating anything in 31 days…. I’ve waited AN ENTIRE YEAR to do so!

We are in the home stretch now and I wonder…. WHAT would YOU EAT after an entire year of nothing but Starbucks?!!

One comment on “End of Month – One Month To Go!

  1. Hello Beautifil Existence, all my warm compliments, you’ve been so much courageous (…) !!!!!
    It must have been very hard to do what you did.

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