Mid Week MUNCH – Great Things Happening!

I started my week off in a FABULOUS WAY with the new veggie burger at Evolution Fresh

This burger is SO GREAT!  Fresh, crisp lettuce and tomato… Perfectly toasted bun… A beautifully spiced veggie patty… even the choice of Terra chips was perfectly matched!

So, as if this wasn’t already a GREAT way to start the week, early this morning I woke to the email from Starbucks for a #PayItForward campaign!  I JUST blogged about this last week with the inspiration from the #AJO story, everybody must be on the same wavelength?!!

Howard & team, THANKS for picking up on what this country needs right now…. some serious feeling of community and doing GREAT for one another!  I can’t WAIT to see what happens this week when the Starbucks community’s generosity is asked to #StepUP… If ANYBODY can do this, the Starbucks community CAN!

This week is off to a GREAT start…. now let’s go show the rest of the world what we are capable of!  #ToBeACustomer!


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