Weekend Wrap Up – Fall on the Farm

This weekend our family farm visit was sprinkled with Fall…

From the browns and orange-colored decor, to the smells of chimneys smoking and apple pie spiced candles, heck even the sounds were of this wonderful season with fires crackling and leaves and twigs crunching below your feet!

We started our weekend at Evolution Fresh University Village with some smoothies for the drive..

Then on the way down south I thought we would attempt the new shipping container store to see if it had opened… Nope, not yet.

Then of course a fall bonfire had to be started once we arrived…

20131006-185827.jpgI took in all the fall decor and took photos of cobwebs, pumpkins and leaves all weekend long around the farm…


The rest of the weekend was full of peaceful misty Starbucks mornings…

And quiet, listening-to-cows-graze while eating my ice cream Starbucks evenings…

Sunday we enjoyed ending our weekend with a sunset at the Edmonds marina…

LaBoulange at Edmonds Marina
We hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!  New tastes are launching this week…. can’t WAIT!

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