Happy Birthday America!

Today is the 4th of July otherwise known as Independence Day, America’s Birthday and one that is FULL of celebrations all across our country!

To add to everybody’s summer fireworks I’ve put together the best of all my Starbucks worlds to enjoy with my… Starbucks Patriotic Popsicles!

To begin with though… I’ll give you a little insight into my family’s holiday traditions (started by my wonderful mother and her father years ago) in which each holiday we start off with gifting lots of little items that are tailored to the recipients individually.  Often this includes many symbols of the holiday to go with them, hence the flags flying and the red, white and blue all over everything for us today!  My mother, my sister and I have been fondly referred to as “the queens of Tchotchke” which I’m taking full ownership of and handing down to my boys on holidays like today.

This is our special Starbucks Patriotic breakfast this morning…

Fourth Of July Starbucks Breakfast

There were some more presents but I didn’t want to clutter the photo with too many labels, besides… they were not Starbucks!

So last night I started prepping our America’s Birthday celebration and I started off by making the Starbucks Patriotic Popsicles last night thanks to a BRILLIANT product from a local kid-inventor, Luke, called Zipzicles!  I was searching yesterday for fun popsicle containers to use and came across Zipzicles at Bartell Drugs and boy am I happy I did!  Not only am I going to spread the word at our BBQ today but probably with anybody and everybody I can about this product because it is not only supporting a local PNW business, but they are BPA free and REUSEABLE and were inspired by a KID which I will always support!

Great job Luke… your ideas are changing our world for the better!

As you can see I used three Starbucks brands, Evolution Fresh, Tazo Tea and the Starbucks VIA brand to make these Starbucks Patriotic Popsicles (or Zipzicles).

Starbucks Patriotic Popsicle Ingredients

I then added the labels from the packaging to each so that party-goers could know which Starbucks products they were enjoying!

All the Starbucks Patriotic PopsiclesNo matter how you celebrate America’s Birthday I hope that you have fun, are safe and create lots of wonderful memories with those you love!

Happy 4th of July everybody!

4 comments on “Happy Birthday America!

    • Great! They worked fabulously at the BBQ yesterday… And the Tazo Tea Brambleberry I used was one of the best! Let me know what you think please. I just ADORE this product, it has so many possibilities but my suggestion is to fill the bags BELOW the line because when they freeze it makes it harder to open up if there isn’t room and the ice forms to the top.

  1. Just heard about your 1 year challenge, I remember here in Honolulu at Starbucks they had a Chinese Chicken Salad that I just loved (no peanut garnish, but almonds in nice chunky pieces). I haven’t seen it for a long while. Also, for a short time, the also had a soba noodle meal you could get. Also, a winner. I don’t know if it’s a regional thing for us, but if you could put in a word to them at Starbucks to bring them back this NW girl in Honolulu would appreciate it! Aloha

    • Ann, WOW! Both those sound like amazing dishes that I would love to have if I visited Hawaii this year!

      I don’t have that kind of pull at corporate BUT you can go to the Starbucks idea website (www.mystarbucksidea.com) and suggest those to come back! Lots of ideas get implemented & maybe they just needed a bit more customer feedback to do so?!

      Good luck and boy oh boy would I love a nice sandy Hawaiian beach with my Starbucks Chinese Chicken salad, that’s for sure! Yum!

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