Weekend Wrap Up – Summer Solstice Edition

This last weekend was FULL of great things around the Seattle area!

Friday was the first day of summer and I made a Happy Summer Vine video for all the partners…

Happy Summer Starbucks

Saturday was a perfect sunny day so the boys and I ventured to the Golden Gardens beach with our Starbucks

Starbucks at the beach Boys at the Beach

Then on our way home I snapped this absolutely beautiful image of our very own Space Needle.  We are the LUCKIEST PEOPLE in the world to have such amazing places!

Space Needle

Sunday being the rainy day it was we stayed indoors taking in some swim time at our community pool.

Bubs and I swimming

Sunday evening was exactly what my Starbucks Ham & NY Cheddar Sandwich said it would be…

Starbucks Fortune Sandwiches

I swear… these Starbucks sandwich new label sayings are always right on cue for me!  I think we need to start calling them the Starbucks “Fortune” sandwiches because the only thing lovelier than their deli-fresh taste is the wonderful words you read before you bite in.

Good bye to the cookies at your local restaurant of yesterday… Starbucks sandwiches are the NEW FORTUNES you should be reading!

And I decided to top of the evening in true Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream deliciousness…

Starbucks Caramel Macchiato evening

Today (Monday, June 24th) is national “Swim a Lap” day… so no matter where you are in the country grab a Starbucks “Fortune” Sandwich to enjoy AFTER swimming and go get a lap in!

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