My Birthday Week

I’m about to get on a train to go to the farm for a family Birthday/FlagDay/Father’s Day weekend full of bonfire Bar-B-Q’s and Quad riding and Canoeing the creek, so here is my birthday week wrapped up nicely with a Starbucks theme…

Birthday pop Space Needle

I really have great friends that support my life, including challenges… how did you get the candles into the cake pop Mary & Marshall?

Birthday Ukulele

And my newest obsession… thanks Dante!  I LOVE IT!  And will be playing it (or learning) all weekend = Perfect Farm Sound!

Starbucks Bag of Goodies

What my typical shopping bag looks like… a little bit of Starbucks, a little bit of Evolution Fresh… you can’t see the La Boulange bag but she’s in there too!

Starbucks Seattle

And because we were “supposed” to have rain all this week but it turned out sunny everyday (that and I’ve been REALLY GOOD working out lately)… I treated myself to an afternoon Starbucks Frappuccino and my favorite city and home, Seattle!

I mean really… how can it get any better than this?!!

Seattle Starbucks Sipface

I hope everyone has a fantastic FLAG DAY today!  And in two days… remember to shower you dads, grandads, ANY dad with lots of LOVE for Father’s Day!

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