Dining Out with Starbucks

Yesterday was the nationwide event, Dining Out For Life (#DOFL) and I was the Tweet-caster for the Seattle benefactor, Lifelong Aids Alliance (LLAA).

I LOVE LLAA!  I help run their thrift store’s Facebook page and just adore everybody I ever meet through that organization, staff, customer, client or other.  And to talk about the work LLAA does in our community… I could go on an on!

So my “job” for all of yesterday was to man the twitter feed and to visit the DOFL representatives, participating restaurants and chat with customers, get food shots and send out all the awesome news via the Twitter-svere… but before I went to as many participating restaurants as I could in a 12 hour period, I had to stop and get a double-shot of my Starbucks because even in the morning I knew I was in for a long day!

double-shot Starbucks before DOFL

I got busy at lunchtime getting the shots in the streets of one of Seattle’s finest spring days we have had all year!  I also got some help from two amazing local celebrities… Darnell Sue from Girl Power Hour, thanks for rockin the tweets on our behalf!  AND our amazing local DJ Richard J Dalton from C89.5… I had NO IDEA you put the DOFL as your #NoonWorkout yesterday (I was hitting the streets hard, no time for music… sorry) but I OWE YOU for spreading the word.  I saw tweets last night thanking you for reminding our Seattlites about DOFL, Richard YOU ROCK!

I'm Tweeting This

There were so many wonderful places to visit!  I only could manage to get to about 9 of them for lunch, here are a couple…


 DOFL Blue Moon Burgers

In-between I had to stop and get some Evolution Fresh to pick me up and luckily Roy Street Coffee was right near by!  I grabbed a refreshing Pineapple Coconut water and away I went again…

Roy Street Coffee rest

I took a rest after the lunch rush, had the rest of my Evolution Fresh Kevin’s Quinoa dish and a Smooth Green then headed back out for dinner…

DOFL 8oz

Everyplace I went during the dinner rush was absolutely PACKED!  I barely could get into the establishment without stepping on toes, and there was at least an hour wait and lines around the block at a couple of places!

Fogon DOFL

The night was charged with the electricity of participants, the beauty and warmth of a Seattle spring evening, the smells of the food and the conversations about helping a local nonprofit that not only I love, but many other Seattlites too, LLAA!

Starbucks Evening after DOFL

Now I have to tell you that after visiting all these wonderful local restaurants, engaging in the twitter-svere of awesome foodie goodness going on around the country, smelling and hearing people go on and on about the TASTE of their food that my mouth was definitely salivating a couple of times!

But… I’m a pretty dedicated person and I did indeed stick to my beloved Starbucks, and even went by the Starbucks Evening at Olive Way to unwind after my long day shooting and tweeting for Dining Out For Life.  Next Tweet-caster assignment I take on though will NOT be around food, THAT I can assure you of!

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