Starbucks #ExtraShotOfGood

Last week while I was in my local Issaquah Lake Sammamish Starbucks store I came across this flyer…

Issaquah Food Bank Starbucks event

And since I’m a HUGE ADVOCATE for volunteering in your community… I called the store manager and got signed up to participate in the Starbucks Global Month of Service project with the Issaquah Food Bank.  That same evening I stopped into the Issaquah Starbucks Evening store on Gilman and spoke to another partner, Andrea, about their staff’s involvement in the same community project.  I knew this was going to be a great experience to participate in my own community but also to personally meet many of the partners in the area!

We all had a great time helping out the Issaquah Food Bank!  Look at this great group of Starbucks Partners!

Starbucks Partners at Issaquah Food Bank

In this great group of volunteers I met, Sandya (pictured in pink), a local Issaquah resident who found out about volunteering today after watching one of the Starbucks ads after The Voice and logged onto the Starbucks Community Network to give her #extrashotofgood too!

Sandya volunteer at Issaquah Food Bank

I loved hearing about Sandy’s journey to the food bank, moving here only two years ago and feeling a need to connect with community through giving her time.  This is what I love to see, just how easy it is to get connected, go meet a bunch of new people while giving back to your community!  Thanks Sandya!  Your passion to serve is what helps make our world so wonderful!

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