Equality and Evolution (Fresh)

What a week full of Equality and Evolution Fresh it’s been so far!

Here is a visual journey for the last couple of days…

First, I had to show my support for the equal rights colors that have been all over social media this week by creating my own Starbucks reusable cup NOH8 version!

NOH8 Starbucks

And I’ve been going to Evolution Fresh a lot this week with the nice weather (and their free smoothie coupon to keep SAVING MONEY at STARBUCKS all March long!).  Evolution Fresh‘s delicious, natural products just seem to go hand-in-hand with a warm, sunny day and my boys and I LOVE THEIR SMOOTHIES!  The oldest goes for their Mango (which I add Kale too) and I tried out the Blueberry and added low-fat Greek yogurt to mine this time, YUM!

Evolution Fresh at the Park

I had quite the adventure on Wednesday visiting 5 stores in one day!  First was the Pioneer Square Starbucks store…

Pioneer Square Starbucks

Then, I was going to the Marriage Equality Rally rally at the Federal Court House so I decided to stop by the 8th and Virginia Starbucks because of their cool fish tank!

Starbucks 8th and Virginia

The rally was a wonderful success with many gifted and informative speakers in attendance… not to mention a lively and wonderfully colorful crowd!

Washington United For Marriage

Then mommy hit my other three regular stores… Capitol Hill Starbucks (which is close to my volunteering spot at Lifelong Aids Alliance Thrift store doing displays and running their FB page), the Mercer Island QFC Starbucks (always a quick stop for dinner items and the large-sized Evolution Fresh OJ) and then the Mercer Island Starbucks with the drive-through (to pick up Bistro Boxes and/or Sandwiches).

And yet again this morning… another Evolution Fresh run for breakfast (Smooth Pineapple Smoothie and their Mel Bar) after an appointment (with another stop this afternoon and tomorrow morning to get the weekend’s goodies!) helps me top off a week full of Equality and Evolution Fresh off right!

Evolution Fresh breakfast

We are heading to the farm for the weekend, so I’ll be stocking up on goodies today to take with me.  I’ve been on an Evolution Fresh juice cleanse for the last two days in preparation for the goodies that I’m bringing from Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh to share over the weekend!  I LOVE how Evolution Fresh’s juice cleanses make me feel!  Refreshed, clean and with lots of energy to take on a weekend trip with the kiddos!  (BTW… thanks for saying I was “looking great” today Bellevue!  It definitely has something to do with LOTS of your natural juice and great food running through me!)

If you have questions about Evolution Fresh’s juices or their juice cleanses talk to one of their knowledgeable partners at a location today, they are always more than happy to help you design a juice pack made specifically for your tastes and needs!

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