Money Saving Tips work!

So it’s only two days into my reapplication of Christine Hall’s ideas on using my Gold Card and guess what?  I’ve already scored a FREE ITEM at Starbucks in less than 24 hours, WooHoo!

My reward was mainly from purchasing a tray of goodies for a party we had on Tuesday… (and it was my first bite of the Chocolate Cinnamon bread, YUM!)

Starbucks party trayAnd no Winter… I didn’t buy those Cracker Jacks for the party… it was a potluck.  😉

So with my new, quicker rewards I decided to pick up another Bistro Box because, well, I’m really getting into this Starbucks food!  Yes, you would think three months into eating/drinking nothing but Starbucks that my enthusiasm for the products would be slowing down but NO!  I’m a bigger lover of these Bistro Boxes than every before!

I also paired my FREE Bistro Box dinner with the last glass of my Starbucks Evening wine that I purchased last weekend… a lovely bottle of Lange!

Starbucks Lange wine

This SAVING MONEY at Starbucks thing is going REALLY WELL so far!  Now that I know more tricks that the Starbucks pros to utilize!  Get those GOLD CARDS people!!

One comment on “Money Saving Tips work!

  1. Look at all those goodies! I should take a plate of Starbucks and some Starbucks coffee carafes to my next office party.

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