Starbucks Style Saturdays Edition #2

Welcome to another edition of Starbucks Style Saturdays!  

This Saturday I wanted to showcase the stylish ladies in my marketing group and their Starbucks reusable cups!  I’m lucky to have been paired with all these awesome, smart and talented women… but to top it all off we presented a marketing plan on the new Starbucks Reusable Cups and their environmental and economical benefits to a very receptive crowd.  Go, Go more Starbucks GREEN customers!

Starbucks Style Saturday MKT group

Have you purchased your reusable cup yet?  They are ONLY $1 and you get .10 cents back every time you use it!  Besides, we can all do our part by helping the  environment, one latte at a time.  I’ll explore more environmental questions and benefits from a Starbucks point of view in honor of Earth Day all April long.

Starbucks Reusable Cups Marketing Ladies

Thanks ladies for the great work on the presentation!  I look forward to enjoying a great Starbucks Evenings with you all soon!

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