Starbucks with the boys

This week I was lucky enough to spend some time with my favorite boys, my sons for lunch!

The oldest and I enjoyed a trip to the Bellevue Evolution Fresh store after a doctor’s appointment, an early dinner of sorts.  It was his first time trying out one of their wraps, the Ancho Chile Chicken Wrap (wrapped in Collard Greens) which he really liked!  I also used another coupon for $2 off that I scored from the Starbucks Evolution Fresh juices I purchased last week!  So far most of my receipts have shown some kind of discount which if you have read my first March post I’m trying to go for 70% of my purchases having some money savings in them this month… so far so good!

Edge enjoying Evolution Fresh

The next day I enjoyed a nice Protein Bistro Box with my youngest in his classroom.  We both love the hard-boiled eggs and apples & Justin’s Nut Butter in this meal.  We also had many other students marveling at all the yummy options I brought including the Starbucks Popcorn, that was a BIG HIT with the 3 year olds!

Bubs and Mommy School lunch

The next lunch was with a favorite guy friend of mine, J Paul, who invited me to the Starbucks on the 40th floor of the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle.

Starbucks Columbia Tower

What a VIEW those partners and customers have!  And this store has a great story behind it… as featured in a blog post by everybody’s beloved Starbucks Melody!  I had no idea this store had so much history, but after visiting it I understand why this is now a Starbucks Sweet Spot for sure!  I used my Starbucks reusable cup at each of these trips (discount .10 each time!) and I enjoyed the new ultra-yummy Hazelnut Macchiato at two visits.  Hazel might become my new Starbucks BFF this year!  Move over my old vanilla soy latte friend…

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