Starbucks Evenings

Before our weekend trip to the farm I changed our departure plans so I could attend my first Starbucks Evenings with friends and try out the menu.

Starbucks Evenings

I went to the Olive Way, Seattle location and tried out their Truffle Mac & Cheese, Bacon-wrapped dates and paired it with a favorite beer… Stella Artois.

Starbucks Evenings Olive Way

The dinner selections according to our multiple patrons were big hits!  The service was attentive, the place was busy most of the time and over all I have to say that Starbucks did a nice job creating a great little menu.  I cannot wait to try the rest of the options out!  If you live in Portland, Chicago, Atlanta or LA you have the Starbucks Evenings option too!

Starbucks Evenings Truffle Mac & Cheese

I then decided to take a short cab ride up to the other later-evening Starbucks in the area, Roy Street Coffee.  This beautiful shop is “inspired” by Starbucks and has a rustic-eclectic interior situated within an open floor plan making it spacious yet comfortable.  It is also a bit more quiet since it sits off the end of Broadway avenue, making it easier to grab a table and order a nice plate with some wine or pull out your laptop and get some studying done.  And that’s exactly what I did (the wine and plate option).  I was lucky enough last night to have the advice of a wine connoisseur (thank you Dr. Max) and enjoyed Roy Street’s Terra Rose Malbec from Argentina.

Roy Street's Malbec

I have to admit, I have not had a red wine in quite a few years but the experience was SO enjoyable, so rich on my palate that I will have to try the bottle again!

I was enjoying the company, the wine and the food but I was also getting updates via my social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest about a local record shop (Easy Street Records) and a closing party they were having… so I took a quick ride up to the Queen Anne store to check it out.

East Street Records Closing

The DJ’s were fun, people were filtering in and out, rummaging through the isles of CD’s, Vinyl and T-shirts… it was a happy but bittersweet environment.

At least I could say that I was “HERE” before it was gone!Easy Street Records I was HERE

Now off to the farm and a weekend away from a Starbucks store.  The Weekend Wrap Up will have more to share…

8 comments on “Starbucks Evenings

    • Florence-

      Thank you for sharing the link. I actually watch my blogs analytics and didn’t see this article listed yet, so understanding what is out there helps.

      But more importantly is that YOU found it and are as curious about my adventure as I am! So thank you for being here on this journey with me. Enjoy!

    • Oui, les financiers et les questions de santé sont en haut de chacun s’occupent. Ainsi ce fait partie de ma découverte cette année… Mais sont ainsi beaucoup d’autres composants.

      Yes, the financial and health questions are at the top of everyone’s minds. So this is part of my discovery this year… But so are many other components.

  1. I did not even know there was such a thing as Starbucks Evenings. I looked up the stores nearest me (LA) and hope to drop in the next time I visit my sister.

    • I know right! I had a great time with friends, the store was set up with a “bar” atmosphere (as well as the coffee shop vibe) AND yummy little apps besides good beer & wines! SO HAPPY I found out about them too!

      After you go let me know what you think and take pictures! I’ll put you and your sis up on the blog enjoying LA’s evening offerings!

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