Getting Schooled

Today, for the majority of the day, I spent all my time with over 400 Tweens (and my son) at a Seattle-area museum.  Half the time was on a bus… fun!20130111-172420.jpg

Between bus trips, herding people and trying to catch some information from the displays I found my phone was out of juice! I usually carry a backup battery for such occasions but not today. I also came to the realization about the same time that I was running out of juice! I didn’t get the best sleep last night so today’s trip was a bit harder to get through.

For lunch I brought a ham & cheese Panini and a bottle of Mocha frappuccino. I thought the caffeine would help my tired condition but shortly after lunch I found myself feeling a little bit too caffeinated, so I pulled out my Venti water and finished it off quick which helped.


The museum trip turned out great with all the kids back at school and my son invited to another birthday party (so important as a tween) and mommy did get to capture some great moments of art and history!20130111-192709.jpg

I’m looking forward to this weekends Starbucks Style Saturdays post and my Evolution Fresh juice fast. After the slight caffeinated feeling I think a 3-day juice cleanse will be perfect!

Decaf is my new best friend.

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