Introducing… Starbucks Style Saturdays!

Today was the first Saturday of my challenge year and I thought it would be a good time to introduce my #StarbucksStyleSaturday posts!  This week Linda Thomas from KIRO asked for a photo of me with a Starbucks sign in it for her story.  I’ve been running around to different stores trying to capture some fun image on Instagram to give to her and it made me think about how I wanted to do these style postings.  Basically the concept is that on Saturdays of this year-long challenge I will be showcasing a really great outfit – ensemble – style that I’ve encountered while frequenting all the Starbucks and Starbucks-inspired stores (such as Roy Street Coffee, Tazo Tea and Evolution Fresh) for viewers!

EdgeweaR LogoI came up with this integration of coffee and fashion since I used to design my own children’s environmental clothing line  (EdgeweaR) AND I am a thrift-fashion-blogger for a great local nonprofit (Lifelong Thrift) so basically I like to keep current with recent fashion trends.Lifelong Thrift FB page screen shot

Lucky for me these #StarbucksStyleSaturday posts will allow me to showcase both the challenge and Starbucks fashionistas(ers)!

I have not captured any regulars or partners yet but since Linda asked for a photo I’ll start the show with a couple of my own to get the ball rolling….

I hope you like this weekly switch from a foodie-focus to the fashion one!

MI Starbucks Headshot

Starbucks sign headshot

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