The news of the day…

While I sit at my keyboard typing and eating my Evolution Fresh Crystal’s Black Beans & Greens salad I am reflecting on my first interview about my challenge.

Two years ago, while doing my Living the Goodwill Life challenge of ONLY buying everything from Goodwill (I obviously like ONLY kind of challenges!) I met a wonderful local media star, Linda Thomas from KIRO.  I actually met quite a few local media stars that year but I’ve kept up with Linda via social media and when she heard about Starbucks & Stripes Forever (my quirky little name for this years challenge) she said “talk to me about it” so I did this morning.  I know the story won’t air for a couple of days but just talking to Linda about why I’m doing this challenge really brought out a lot of the underlying points I’d like to touch on this year, namely how much our local Seattle/Washington companies and organizations do in our world!  I’m excited to see what Linda pulled from our conversation but will leave that for The News Chick blog.Linda Thomas, The News Chick

After my eventful morning I spoke to a friend’s coworker (Rebecca) about the challenge and she mentioned going up to Roy Street Coffee and checking it out.  Roy Street Coffee, Starbucks, Beautiful Existence

The store came up because Rebecca and I both have big birthday parties this year and with me only eating/drinking everything from Starbucks she thought that it might be a good place to hold my party?  I had heard about Roy Street Coffee and passed by it a ton of times but never looked further until today.  After asking some questions of the barista, checking out the rental space areas and going over the 1/2 Starbucks 1/2 not menu I decided to get the event planners contact information and see if this could be my party place?!

Funny thing, the “definitions” of my challenge parameters came up in all my conversations this morning from the interview with Linda to my conversation with Rebecca and even with the barista who pointed out the “not-Starbucks” menu items.  I’m already finding that I can diversify my palate (and my checkbook) this year if I allow myself to buy or frequent places that sell or are “inspired” from Starbucks like Costco, Whole Foods or Roy Street Coffee.  Since I have already decided that I will buy Starbucks items from other retailers (like Whole Foods and Costco) because to me the bottom line is that I’m still giving my money to Starbucks, then at this point I think Roy Street Coffee is fair game this year too!

Tea PartyNow if I can just make sure that my “theme” of a bunch of mis-matched tea sets and pots, a make believe tree & garlands, a mouse & hare (not real) and a group of Mardi-Grais-style-Seattle-Hipster-Mamas frequenting their dwellings in June will be allowed at Roy Street Coffee… then my big birthday bash might be easier to plan than I thought?!

P.S.  Linda and Rebecca… watch for those invitations!

2 comments on “The news of the day…

  1. I think the thing is that foods that are not from Starbucks are, in fact, not “fair game”. Buying Starbucks food not at a Starbucks makes sense. Buying “inspired” food doesn’t really make any sense at all. If you eat Starbucks “inspired” foods, then it becomes less of a “Starbucks challenge” and more just “eating food”.

    • Rachel-

      Point taken but I’ve already set my parameters for this years challenge so Evolution Fresh, Tazo Tea and a few concept stores are owned by the company, so the bottom line still goes to them and that’s what matters to me. But thanks for your comments.

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