And so it begins…

Today is the first day of only eating/drinking Starbucks items for all of 2013 and I have lots to share!  First of all I started my day with Evolution Fresh orange juice that I purchased at Whole Foods yesterday to make sure I stocked up my fridge.  I already am getting great tips from partners on how to buy larger quantities of Starbucks products that I will share in my $$$money-saving-month$$$ but for January I’m focusing on New Years resolutions of weight loss, so back to today’s findings…

I started my day with only some fresh orange juice and waited to eat until a little later because I had a baby shower to attend and wanted to make sure I was not going to the party hungry because I knew there would be so many goodies there!

S&S evo fresh juices

See, I brought my Starbucks Refresher and Turkey & Swiss sandwich in the car on the way to the party!

S&S lunch 1:1

As I mentioned above this whole month of January I am focusing my Starbucks challenge on the topic of weight loss.  I chose to focus on weight loss for a couple of reasons; first I have had many comments already made about how I’m going to gain weight this year, this I know doesn’t have to be true because when I decided to do this challenge last summer I heard about a woman who did a similar challenge to loose weight!  So I knew that it was possible to not only keep my current weight but to also possibly loose weight if I coordinated it properly.  Thirdly, I decided to focus on weight loss because at this time of year for millions of people loosing weight always tops their New Years resolution lists.

So to prepare for this month I downloaded Jillian Michaels app on my phone so I can keep track of my calories and workouts based on my current weight and my target weight (about 20 pounds less) which is harder if I keep attending parties with goodies like today?!

Baby shower goodies

I have been using this app for over two weeks prior to starting my challenge and not only love the exercise and diet recommendations but the already extensive food lists and especially the UPC code scanner/reader!  I’ve been using the scanner a bunch and adding Starbucks items already today.  Like my second trip through the Juanita drive-through I picked up dinner with a Ham & Swiss panini but was given the sandwich in a hot bag with no calorie information.  I asked for their caloric chart but they did not have any so they suggested that i look up the information on the Starbucks app (which is really helpful BTW) and I did get the information I needed for my Jillian Michaels records.

And so it begins… 365 days of Starbucks with each month a special topic to focus on such as weight loss, saving money and even attending social events!  Stay updated, the adventure has just begun!

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