What Red Cups mean to me

I’ve been enjoying the holiday flavors of Starbucks for over a month now, since the Pumpkin-esque/Thanksgiving-esque goodness has been gracing the Starbucks menu. And now with the red cups officially out, I’ve been taking advantage of their “Buy-5-get-one-free” punch card to keep those holiday flavors on my palette.

S&SF holiday beverages

I guess you can say that I’m getting ready for my year-long-Starbucks-challenge in 2013 by amping up during this holiday season!

Speaking of which… I’m putting together my calendar for next years challenge right now and adding many different takes on what an entire year of Starbucks looks like… from a lot of different angles of life. I’m adding these other aspects of Starbucks because really, what I see in coffee houses everyday is the reflection of all the different varieties of life that walk through the doors for a myriad of reasons, and that is a great part of this year challenge of mine coming up… to see as much as I can of our communities through the eyes of the mermaid. 🙂

Enjoy those red cups as much as I am this month everybody!

My countdown till January 1st is officially ON and I’m starting to get SUPER EXCITED!

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