2011 Living the Goodwill Life challenge

2011 was the year that my yearly-challenge blogs were born!  I had been a life-long thrift shopper and after co-owning two media internet companies that I wanted to continue on with my love of all things digital (video, photo, web, etc.) by taking a cue from other challengers and doing it for a year.

My natural curiosity about life and all the topics I wanted to know more about merged and I decided to take on thrift shopping for 365 in 2011 to great success!  This has led to me mapping out over 25 years of challenges and now turning my focus to something even closer to my heart, my home state of Washington.  So now, each year will be involving a Washington-based business or organization and it’s impact on a woman’s and family’s life through my eyes.

To see where this all began visit Living the Goodwill Life.

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